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We are seeking support for a purpose build nursery on our grounds. This is to provide a sustainable childcare provision that addresses the needs of the local community. Please help us and show your support by signing our petition below.

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Thank you.

Nursery in Crayford


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Latest Signatures
68Charmaine E.DartfordDA1 4FJAug 08, 2016
67Kim L.DartfordDA1 7JUJul 10, 2016
66Austyn C.CrayfordDA13QBMar 09, 2016
65Clara B.ERITHDA1 4TDMar 07, 2016
64Freddie p.CrayfordDA1 3PWJan 19, 2016
63Fernanda A.CrayfordDA1 4ASNov 12, 2015
62Olu O.Crayford The nursery is providing a valuable service and it's expansion is necessary. Sep 10, 2015
61Fred H.LondonDA6 4KBAug 15, 2015
60Kenny J.CamberwellSE5 8SEAug 15, 2015
59nicola f.Jul 21, 2015
58Darshna M.HarrowHA3 5JPThis decision must be overturned. come on council, please use your common sense!May 19, 2015
57Vinay K.Slade greenJust started sending my daughter there, first impression was good, excellent childcare, v caring staff, its in v capable hands(Sheonalli), deserves to be expandedMay 18, 2015
56Buki I.BexleyWe need and want this nursery established. It would be very disappointing for gaggle not to be able to provide a much needed and wanted nursery facilities for the community.May 18, 2015
55Hilary H.NorthfleetDA11 9JPI work at Gaggle Childcare and a great place to educate children and the only one in Crayford, it is so convinent for parents that comute buy train. there are new housing developments in place and new ones being built so the local comunity needs quality childcare and education so please grant planning permisson for a purpose built nursery so we can acomadate more children of the local comunity. May 17, 2015
54anneka n.kentda7 6rgMay 17, 2015
53Moji O.DA8 2NHMay 17, 2015
52Jas S.May 15, 2015
51Sarah B.DartfordDa12blMay 11, 2015
50valliappan r.BEXLEYHEATHDA7 4BBAs there are less nursery there and difficult to find places, better to have a nursery to motivate young children with better education.May 09, 2015
49Claire R.LondonDA1 4EFBexley council are considering remodelling children's services and in doing so reducing the current facilities - instead, Gaggle Nursery want to expand so please allow this and take advantage of the extra spaces here to provide what is required instead of reducing provision elsewhere. Thank you, ClaireMay 08, 2015
48Nidhi S.DartfordDA1 2GEGaggles is a wonderful nursery! They have an excellent child care and we need this kind service. As I mother of 2 kids, I support Gaggles and would love to see it grow. Apr 26, 2015
47golnaz t. bexley da52gaPlease approve! Apr 23, 2015
46Vedavalli K.RainhamME87HHI do not see anything bad happening if permission was given to have a purpose built nursery. It only does good specially working parents in the area.Apr 23, 2015
45Sudan C.GravesendApr 22, 2015
44Ella T.LondonSE19 1URApr 20, 2015
43Richard K.LondonNW5 1LBApr 20, 2015
42Hazel B.DA1 3BQmuch needed nursery in crayford, excellent location with private and safe outside space ror the children. lt is not destroying or infringing on the green belt. please grant planning permissiont Apr 20, 2015
41Layla T.LondonDa5 2bdThis planning permission Should go ahead this woman is helping so many parents and you want to halt this ! Go Sheonalli Apr 20, 2015
40Gloria R.crayfordDA1 3QBHow ridiculous not to take a tiny bit of greenbelt-and have a splendid nursey- just what Crayford needs! There are some awful sights in Crayford- with so called planning permission- just look at the off licence in Station Rd- that was supposed to be a convenience store!!!! I am a teacher- please listen to me!Apr 17, 2015
39Lina N.KentDA8 2EHit's an amazing nursery, with suitable hours for working parents. The area needs the nurseries like this.Apr 16, 2015
38Gwenneth S.The SpinneyBR8 7YEThis is a much needed service in crayford!Apr 16, 2015
37Mwaka L.Apr 15, 2015
36Marc U.This development will greatly benefit the local area. Sheonali and the gaggle team do a great job, this should be allowed to go ahead.Apr 15, 2015
35Sue B.ErithDA8 3SJMy grandson attends Gaggle after my daughter spent quite some time trying to find somewhere neear her that offend hours around her working hours and Gaggle has been the answer. Very accomodating and my grandson enjoys his days there. As asaid all the new housing will result in more young children needing nurseries. Please rethink your decision.Apr 15, 2015
34Jonathan R.DartfordDA1 4EFMy son attends Gaggle and his development has come on leaps and bounds since starting in January 2015. The opportunity for Crayford to have a first rate nursery and to nurture and develop Gaggle's facilities and incredible work is one that should be embraced and worked with, in my opinion, for the good of future generations of childrenApr 15, 2015
33Tom K.LondonDA1 4LQthis Nursery is a Brilliant for the Children and Parents of the Crayford area. It's tucked out the way in Lower Station Rd and close to many new built houses. Planning should be Granted. Apr 15, 2015
32John B.LondonSE6 2QAApr 15, 2015
31Chantal M.CrayfordDa1 3rbA nursery is needed in Crayford. We don't currently have these facilities in the area. Please grant permission to GaggleApr 15, 2015
30Tej P.BexleyDA5 1EAApr 15, 2015
29nick m.crayfordApr 15, 2015
28Anna .Apr 15, 2015
27Gemma B.ErithDA83LEApr 15, 2015
26Talveer m.belvedereda17 6jpApr 15, 2015
25Michaela M.CrayfordDA1 4RR This is needed. Green belt wasn't an issue for the council when they gave permission for the houses built next door.Apr 15, 2015
24Michelle M.DartfordI wish there had been a nursery when we moved to Braeburn 12 years ago. We had to go all the way to David Lloyd and then drive back and commuteApr 15, 2015
23Joyce V.Full supportApr 14, 2015
22Claire R.Apr 14, 2015
21Lucy K.Apr 14, 2015
20David B.DartfordDA1 3BQBeing on edge of greenbelt appears to have led to a default, standard refusal. However if a closer inspection is made of the exact circumstances of this site and its context in terms of neighbouring buildings and railway lines, such refusal becomes illogical. Value of site as greenbelt is negligible compared to community benefit of a larger nursery & economic value of supporting small businesses.Apr 13, 2015
19Angela H.Da7 4EZMy son loves his time at nursery and its a great location for commuting parentsApr 11, 2015

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