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2018 Year’s Plan

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to 2018 with excitement and anticipation. I want you to leave your child in our care with a smile and assurance that they are well cared for, loved, and are learning & developing.

I want your children to have access to all learning activities, experiences, & offerings out there that any child their age is accessing.Therefore alongside all the activities crafts, games, art, circle time and routine at the nursery, i have worked very hard to get partners on yoga, football, fitness, french, forest school, singing and signing etc in 2017. Further working in this direction we will have Music and Rhyme time added and are going to be a Forest School (officially!).

Music & Rhyme Time

In January 2018 We are bringing the Rhyme time offering by Kate to the nursery. Kate has established and run the Music and Rhyme time in Bexley over last 12 years. Some of our parents have attended her sessions too. This will bring the best of nursery rhyme singing (without the support of a background media / music system) to our children. This will support your children’s communication and language skills.

Forest School and Gardening

So far we have been providing forest school activities like nature walks and activities as provided & supported  by our membership of the Nature Detectives & Forest School Association. Starting January 2018 we are welcoming, on our staff team, our first qualified Forest School Practitioner – Melani Smith. Melani is a trained and qualified Level 3 Forest School Practitioner that joins from Kent Council. We would be developing the forest school activity area on site with a lot of gardening in our vegetable garden at the nursery. You can look forward to magic portions, den building, mini bonfires, minibeast hotels and mud kitchen. We are also looking forward to visiting some local nature reserves via bus routes in summer next year. Melanie will be at the nursery all week Monday till Friday so each day is Forest School day in 2018.

In 2018 our weekly contracted sessions will continue:

Tiny Trekkers brining professional football (and other sports) coaching to the nursery offered by Concept4Football coach Bill Hutchins and team.

Award wining PE – Fitness Fun by GT Centre of Sport (The London Borough of Bexley -Best Small/Medium Enterprise 2016) providing children fitness sessions and being active.

Yoga by Yogami our dear parent Minaxi Gami – providing children posture development through creative story telling.

Singing and Signing by  Jenette Hawkes . Singing sessions with signing that help babies and toddlers communicate before and after speech development. This also support language development for our older chidlren.

Please note the following important dates for your calendar:

Parent Evenings from 29th January till 1st February. The staff will coordinate with you a suitable time to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.

Sports days – 13th July’2018 Friday- Butterflies Sports Day & 19th July’2018 Thursday – Bumble Bees Sports Day & Graduation Day at 4:30pm.

Parent Evenings from 20th August till 24th August. The staff will coordinate with you a suitable time to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.

Christmas Performances dates to be decided in November’2018.

We have worked out our themes for 2018 and would be following the below:

January – New Year and new resolutions
February- Transportation -Trains, Buses, Cars, Cycles. Also Chinese New year of the Dog.
March – Science and Gardening month
April – Being Safe & People who help us
May – Royalty and the Monarch (the expected royal wedding)
June – Health: Healthy eating, Physical Activity, Hygiene
July – Being Active
August – Lifecycle – Hatching chicks and butterflies
September – Our Environment
October – Space & the Planets and Autumn
November – People of the World – Celebrating Diversity
December – Christmas

I do intend to keep the tradition of taking our graduating children to a primary school visit and a museum visit before they are off to school next september.

Please feel free to give us your suggestions on how we can improve our offering. If there is anything you come across that you believe would be good for our children then please do drop me a note.

There is a suggestions & feedback box at the entrance and request you to please drop a note in it if you wish to any time.

Looking forward to a great 2018.






November 2015 Newsletter

Gaggle Nursery  preschool

November’2015 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carer,

Hope you have enjoyed a great start to the new season with all the Halloween fun we have has at the nursery in October. The children have enjoyed learning about autumn and harvest through the month. We have had fun dressing up for Halloween. Thank you to all the staff for decorating the nursery to be an exciting place for the children to come to each day.

In November we are looking forward to fireworks, celebrating the Indian festival of Diwali along with Remembrance day. Remembrance day marks the day World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. We plan to keep a 2 minute silence on the 11th November at 11am to remember the people who have died in wars. During the month children will be learning about being safe around fireworks. For Diwali the children will be making clay oil lamps (“diya”). We will learn and talk about the festival and hopefully Bobby will cook up some festive surprise for us all.

Month’s theme: Space

The theme for November is Space. This month we shall be talking to children about the stars, moon and the planets. It’s all about the rockets and the stars, and may be the aliens (if we get that far on our voyage). We are planning crafts and art activities around the theme that we hope will improve their understanding of the world, while develop them on their personal social and emotional and communication and language, that go with exciting engaging activities. Our circle time song will include “zoom zoom zoom we are going to the moon”. You can sing it at home and find the lyrics at

Colour of the month: Blue

Blue is the colour of the sky and will be our colour of the month in November.

Book of the month:

Our book for the month is “Whatever Next!” Book by Jill Murphy. We hope to ignite the imagination of our children by building a rocket towards our plans to go to the moon.

Please do keep your suggestions and feedback coming in. You can always drop in your inputs at the suggestion box at the entrance of the nursery.

Please drive within the speed limit of 5 miles per hour on our driveway. This is specially important during the evenings as it is getting darker and hard to watch out the pedestrians on the same drive.

Request parents with buggies to please see if they can install some reflective stickers on the children buggies so they are visible on the drive and road. Example: POGU Buggy Reflectors –




July 2015 Newsletter


Gaggle Nursery & preschool

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to July’s Newsletter

Thank you all for the most wonderful Sports day ever. We have had lots of fun learning about Safety in June and have many exciting plans for July.

Theme of the month – “Summer”

Summer is here and Wimbledon is upon us! We are all set to take on a new season and have planned lots of summer fun. We plan to have a Beach day at our extra large sandpit, Splash day with the water sprinkler and slide, and Summer Sizzler (BBQ). Please send your child in with a swim suit / costume in their bags.

Please ensure that your children are coming in to the nursery with the appropriate attire for the hot weather. Please do label your child’s hats and sunscreen. If your child suffers from hay fever, then please inform the staff on the medication required and fill out the medication permission online.

Book of the month – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

Book of the month is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. We would use the story for indoor and outdoor activities engaging children’s imaginations and role play.

New Staff

Most of you have already met the new members of our team – Gemma Brett, Rebecca Whiteman, Victoria Dunn & Jaya Rehal. They bring on board a number of years experience and a passion for childcare. There will be a letter out to your with respect to your child’s key worker this month.

Staff appreciation

Congratulations to Bobby (Balvinder Dhillon) our Kitchen Manager, on receiving a PAT award in Spring term. PAT is for Punctuality, Attendance, & Targets met in the term.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to help the nursery grow.

Thanking you for your support.

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June 2015 Newsletter

Gaggle Nursery & preschool 

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to June’s News Letter

Spring has been wonderful and Summer is already upon us. We have has fun in May and started off on a brilliant note in June with our registration as a setting completed.

Theme of the month – “Being Safe”

The theme of this month is Being Safe, we will be learning about being safe indoors adn outdoors. We have alreday talked about the polie offers adn variour people that help us being safe in our community. We have simulated fire drills and children have learnt about fire safety. We plan to have visits from Local Community Police officer and Fire Department to the setting this month.

Book of the month – “Three little pigs”

Book of the month is “Three little pigs”. We would use the story for indoor and outdoor activities engaging children’s imaginations and role play.

Sports Day

Please mark your diaries for our Sports Day on Wednesday 24th June’2015. We would request your attendance from 3:30pm in the afternoon till 5pm. We are planning activities, races and fun time for all this afternoon. Everyone is welcome to come and attend even if your child does not come in for the session. It would be agood opportunity for you to meet the staff and the rest of our family. We understand that it is a working day for some and would not expect everyone to make it though.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to help the nursery grow.

Thanking you for your support.


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May ‘ 2015 Newsletter

Gaggle Nursery  preschool

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to May’s News Letter

We have had a lovely April complimented by great weather and sunshine. The children have been doing a lot of activities and looking after are vegetable garden. The onions have started to grow and the strawberry plants have started to flower. We have been doing a lot outdoors as you would see from the diaries of the children. We continue to read, sing and sign each day and have had great progress with children rhyming the popular rhymes. We continue to focus on number rhymes to improve numeracy among our children.

Theme of the month – “Pets”

The theme of this month is Pets, we will be learning about different pets. The children would be learning about caring for pets. We may arrange for pets to visit the setting like dogs, cats, rabbits, & chickens. We have added 4 fishes to our aquarium in the setting. We continue to have only the fish as the in house pets in the setting. And yes of course we have put in a bugs hotel near our outdoor forest school section. It has had some ladybirds as visitors. It would be nice if the children could bring in a photo of their pet to show their nursery friends.

If your child has allergies to any pet or you would not like your child to join in please let us know.

Book of the month – “Three Billy Goats Gruff”

We have loaned from the local library puppets for the illustration of the book for the children. We hope to capture their imaginations and interest in books. You can see the story at . We have less wordy version of the story for the younger children and more wordy versions for older children.

New equipment

We have loaned new equipment for the setting from the local library. A mole hole ramp and steps for children to be physically active indoors and engage in imaginative play. We have a den for the children and babies to play in. The babies have a large triangle mirror that gets them mesmerized in endless images of themselves.

Pre-school Curriculum

With a target to move children towards school readiness we would be sending home some worksheets along with a set of thick pens for the children. We would encourage you to do these with the children when you get a chance. The important thing is to have fun and not make it a chore for the children.


We are planning a picnic at Hall Place Gardens this month. We would be doing the trip by foot and access through the footpath through the wild life conservation area adjoining our setting. We have checked out the path and feasibility of the walk. There would be a risk assessment done and weather forecast checked for the day we do the trip. We would welcome any parents with valid DBS checks to volunteer for the trip. The trip would be between 8:30am till 11:30am on a weekday the week of 18thMay. The exact day would be confirmed closer to the week depending on the weather forecast. Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the trip.

Sports Day

We are planning a sports day at the end of summer term, which would include parents to watch their children run races then after a picnic, look out for June’s News Letter for dates and times.

Nursery Driveway & Parking

Our car park is for dropping off and picking up your child, please can you reverse park when dropping and picking up, this for safety reasons.

The speed limit on the drive is 5 mph. Please note that the drive is used by parents and children on foot as well as the cars at the same time. A child can easily leave a parents hand and run off, the speed limit will help give time to a car to react and keep everyone safe. Thank you for sticking to the limit while on the drive.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to help the nursery grow.

Thanking you for your support.


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March’2015 Newsletter

   Gaggle Logo

Dear Parents,

Spring is here and we have a month full of activities to look forward to. A number of new staff and children are joining us this month. The dates to mark on your calendar are highlighted in bold below. We hope to see you on these days and so please mark these on your family’s diaries.

The theme for the month of March’2015 is “Vegetables and Fruits”. We would be sowing pea pods and tomato saplings in our vegetable garden this month. A lot of talking about fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, fruit and veg painting. Messy play with food and cooking activities. Other things to look forward to and talk about at home are below:

St David’s Day on 1st March
St David is the patron saint of Wales. To celebrate the same on Monday 2nd March, we are planning to make the Welsh flag, which features a red dragon on a white and green background with the children. We will be talking to the children about Wales improving their understanding of the world.

World Book Day (
It is World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. Children will be looking up various books throughout the day and we look forward to continue promoting a love of reading. We encourage your children to dress up as their favorite book character if they like. A simple gruffalo cap would be great.

Comic Relief 
Red nose day is back on Friday, 13th March. Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. We intend for the children to do a bake off and the bake sale in the evening starts at 6pm. The money collected would be donated through to

Mothers Day
It is Mother’s day on Sunday, 15th March. The children would be making cards for their mom’s the week before. We would be talking about what mothers do for us and how important they are. So don’t be surprised if your little one is especially thankful for you.

St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday, 17th March. We would be doing craft and painting activities and making shamrocks. Don’t be surprised to see your young one with a leprechaun hat.

Term assessments
We will like to meet with you and walk through the term assessments for your children on Friday, 27th March at 6pm. We shall give out specific time slots during the month running up to the date.

Winter clothes
We are collecting clothes that you can donate to be sent to EllenorLions Hospices. We welcome you to bring in any clothes you would like to donate to the setting and drop them in the box at the entrance by Scotty (our robot).

Request you to please drive considerately at the setting. Please do not park across driveways, in turning circles or blocking other cars. Please maintain a speed limit of 5 miles per hour at the setting. Please be mindful of parents, children, and visitors who use the same drive to walk.

Please note that you can add observations on your little one online on babydays. Any interesting outcome, talk, task he / she has done and achieved will be a valuable contribution to his/her learning journey. Please add it on baby’s days.




February’2015 Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Carers,

January was a great start to the new year for us. We put in place a brand new menu and included suggestions from you. Thank you for all your suggestions on food your children eat at home. We had a lot of success on children eating more that they previously did and we are delighted about it. We even had some fussy eaters try the broccoli and carrots as part of our kiddi kabobs. We have signed up for the ‘Early Years Code of Practice for Food & Drink’  of Eat Better Start Better Children’s Food Trust Campaign ( We make our meal times great opportunities for children to participate, make choices, and be responsible by helping tidy up after meals. Please continue to talk to them about their food at home and engage them in putting away their bowls.

We have had wonderful Singing and Signing sessions much thanks to the support of Ms Bernadette Foster from the local Crayford Children Center. She has captivated her audience with her very expressive and engaging sessions on essential signing. Our children are very enthusiastic about signing with singing all the time. We have some essential signs that you can use in your daily conversations with children. This is specially helpful for them until they are fluent talkers.

The month’s theme for February is Dinosaurs. We would be doing painting, puzzles, play dough, crafts, outdoor play and reading about dinosaurs this month. We are also celebrating the Chinese new year (year of the Goat) this year. We are looking forward to having a Chinese lunch on 19th February with spring rolls, dumplings, satay, & noodles.

We sometimes see parents confused if children naps during the day are adequate or required. At gaggle we rely on the children to guide us. We invite the children to take a nap around 1pm, we ask them to wake up at about 2pm. We follow this routine but on some days a child may not want to and they are free to play then. Our research on the subject of sleep shows that mid day naps are very important for children and help them sleep better at night. A child deprived of sleep during the day will become hyperactive, disagreeable and have extremes of behavior. You can refer to the link for typical recommended sleep amount for children. Hope this helps, however please let us know if you have any specific requirements and we shall see our best to accommodate.

Thank you for your support in embracing the new online system and feedback on how much you are loving it. We are delighted to have implemented and look forward to using more capabilities that it offers. Please do make sure your child’s information, vaccinations, and authorised persons is updated. The permissions, policies, and contracts are signed off on the system.

Thanking you




January’2015 Newsletter

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Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to our newsletter. We will be publishing a newsletter now each month to keep you up to date on what we are doing at gaggle. I would like to thank you for your faith and confidence in us and promise that we would do everything to provide the best care and opportunities for our children.

We had a wonderful christmas theme last term, deco, food, music and stories. In addition, we did our first session of forest school. We went for a walk and picnic at the london wildlife managed breaburn park area next door. We watched birds, splashed in a lot of puddles, made a tower with twigs, collected cones and strange seeds and had a picnic by a bonfire. December was a busy month and we have had quite a few new children settled and started in January.

As we grow at the setting we are keeping the concept of our family together, so each kid is familiar with each of the adults, myself, Maria, and Katie. While as key workers the adults have distributed the children to monitor and plan for their progress in respect of development matters. The key workers are the prime focal point for the communication with the parents. Any information either of the adults receives in respect of a child is funneled to the key worker to note and act upon. The termly assessment of the child would be discussed with you by the key worker who is closely looking out for the development matters of her kids. Currently for most of the parent communication has been myself this is then given across to the staff. The staff are shared all the info and focus requirements and they are accordingly taking care of the children.

Things really are not that complicated our prime focus remains Personal Social Emotional Development – making relationships, managing feelings and self confidence; Physical Development and Communication and Language. While focusiing on these basic areas we provide the kids constant opportunities and encouragement towards mark making (writing), talking (speech), counting, understanding of the world and being creative. We are not just ticking off the EYFS boxes here but truely believe that our sight on these areas helps ensure we are covering the bases for a good foundation for our chidlren.

The theme for January is ‘Transportation’. We would be talking about different kinds of vehicles. We would be doing activities around the theme like origami with making paper planes and paper boats. Talking about the shapes that make up vehicles. Reading books about buses, cars and tractors. Doing puzzles linking to the theme. The kids simply love the trains pasing by the setting – hard to miss and we hope they would make a trip or two on a bus or train at home.

You will see our outside area get a new slide and climbing frame in January. In addition we have planned to have a role play den (small children log house) and a mud kitchen this month.

At last a reminder to please let us know if there is anything you would like us to discuss at circle time with the children. Significant events like arrival of a new sibbling, new pet etc can be on the childrens minds and we can help the children by open ended discussions at circle time.

Thank you


Current openings

Current openings you can apply for by emailing your details to [email protected]

Senior Assistant
Qualifications: Pediatric First Aid, DBS check, NVQ Level 3
Job responsibilities: Planning activities, Making observations, Making assessments, Keeping records up to date and Compliance to EYFS requirements. Communication with parents.
Contracted hours: 40 per week
Contract Length: 3 months

Qualifications: Pediatric First Aid, DBS check, NVQ Level 2
Job responsibilities: Coordinating activities as planned, Making observations, Keeping records up to date and Compliance to EYFS requirements.
Contracted hours: 20 per week
Contract Length: 3 months