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We are subject to food hygiene inspections by the local authority and have been rated ‘5’ ‘Very good’ at our last inspection.

Nutritious food is an important ingredient for growth and development of children. We provide a wide variety, well balanced, and freshly home cooked food for children.

Fresh clean & filtered water is available to children at all times and they are encouraged to drink water often to keep well hydrated.

Please let us know if your child had any special dietary requirements, we will cater for them. Also it would be great of you to share with us what your child enjoys and we might be able to provide that for everyone on our menu 🙂

Some items on menu:

Kiddi Kabobs – Pieces of chicken, broccoli, carrots, peppers on skewers:-

Kiddi Kabobs

Jeweled Couscous with Lentil:-

Jeweled Couscous with Lentil

Chicken and Vegetable Noodles:-

Chicken & Veg Noodles

Indian full course meal at Diwali – Lentils, Vegs, Bhaji, Flat bread, & Ladoos:-

Diwali Food

Eid Menu – Chicken Biryani, Cucumber raita, Salad, and Kheer:-

EID Meal

Fish & Chips:-

Fish & Chips

Cheese & Potato Pie:-

Cheese & Potato Pie

3 week  menu would look like below:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Fruit, Cereals, Toast & Milk.
(G, Mk)
Cereals, Toast & Milk.
(G, Mk)
Fruit, Cereals & Milk.
(G, Mk)
Cereals, Toast & Milk.
(G, Mk)
Fruit, Cereals, Toast & Milk.
(G, Mk)
Snack AM Yogurt (Mk) Pepper Sticks & cream cheese (Mk) Yogurt (Mk) Apples Yogurt
Snack PM Carrot & Cucumber Yogurt (Mk) Satsuma Yogurt (Mk) Raisins
Pudding after Lunch Yogurt / Chocolate topped Rice Cakes
Bread & Butter Pudding
(G, Mk, E)
Apple Puffs
(G, Mk, E)
(Mk, E)
Fruit Salad
 WEEK1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LUNCH Egg Fried Rice
Vegetable chilli and Rice served
(G, Mk)
Vegetable tagine with fluffy Cous Cous
Oven Baked chicken with new potatoes and Gravy followed fruit salad
(G, Mk)
Fish Fried Rice
TEA Chicken & Sweet corn Pie
(G, Mk)
Baked Cauliflower & Potato cheese pie
Chicken Nuggets with Potato Wedges
(G, E)
Egg Sandwiches with Cucumber sticks
(G, E, Mk)
Basil & Ricotta Ravioli
(G, Mk)
 WEEK 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LUNCH Chilli con carne served with Rice () Savory Veg Rice with Curd
Shepherd’s Pie
(G, Mk)
Beef Curry with Rice
(Mk, Ce)
Spanish Paella
TEA Vegetable stir fry and noodles (So, E, G) Baked Bean Pie topped with Mash
Chicken Conchighe in white sauce
Egg & Cheese Wraps with Potato Wedges
(G, E, Mk)
Spinach Tortellini
(G, Mk)
 WEEK 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
LUNCH Chicken, Pepper and broccoli kebabs served with wedges and Humus
Spinach Risotto
Beef Lasagna served with Cucumber
(G, E, Mk)
Chicken Hotpot
Jacket Potato with Tuna and sweet corn
TEA Veg and Cheese Rolls with Mash potato
(G, Su, Mk)
Tomato pasta bake
(G, Mk)
Baked Beans on Toast
Scrambled Eggs on Toast
(G, E)
Cheese sandwiches served with cucumber and tomatoes


We try to accommodate special dietary needs of any individual child. For example if a child is a vegetarian then we can ensure he is provided only vegetarian food and snacks.

Food is freshly cooked and served hot. We do not use pre cut and packaged fruits. The bakery, sauces, deserts, and juices may be sourced from grocery shopping shelves of Sainsbury, Asda, Iceland, Tesco, or Morrison. Ingredients are checked for any artificial flavors or preservatives and these are not provided at the setting.

We use olive oil for our stir fried cooking and Mustard oil for deep fry or higher temperature cooking. It is only advisable to use an appropriate oil below it’s smoking point at which it becomes toxic. Due to olive oil’s lower smoking point it is not appropriate for cooking at all times or for deep frying.

You are welcome to visit our kitchen and look into our fridge.

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