June 2015 Newsletter

Gaggle Nursery & preschool 

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to June’s News Letter

Spring has been wonderful and Summer is already upon us. We have has fun in May and started off on a brilliant note in June with our registration as a setting completed.

Theme of the month – “Being Safe”

The theme of this month is Being Safe, we will be learning about being safe indoors adn outdoors. We have alreday talked about the polie offers adn variour people that help us being safe in our community. We have simulated fire drills and children have learnt about fire safety. We plan to have visits from Local Community Police officer and Fire Department to the setting this month.

Book of the month – “Three little pigs”

Book of the month is “Three little pigs”. We would use the story for indoor and outdoor activities engaging children’s imaginations and role play.

Sports Day

Please mark your diaries for our Sports Day on Wednesday 24th June’2015. We would request your attendance from 3:30pm in the afternoon till 5pm. We are planning activities, races and fun time for all this afternoon. Everyone is welcome to come and attend even if your child does not come in for the session. It would be agood opportunity for you to meet the staff and the rest of our family. We understand that it is a working day for some and would not expect everyone to make it though.

If you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to help the nursery grow.

Thanking you for your support.


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