March’2015 Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

Spring is here and we have a month full of activities to look forward to. A number of new staff and children are joining us this month. The dates to mark on your calendar are highlighted in bold below. We hope to see you on these days and so please mark these on your family’s diaries.

The theme for the month of March’2015 is “Vegetables and Fruits”. We would be sowing pea pods and tomato saplings in our vegetable garden this month. A lot of talking about fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, fruit and veg painting. Messy play with food and cooking activities. Other things to look forward to and talk about at home are below:

St David’s Day on 1st March
St David is the patron saint of Wales. To celebrate the same on Monday 2nd March, we are planning to make the Welsh flag, which features a red dragon on a white and green background with the children. We will be talking to the children about Wales improving their understanding of the world.

World Book Day (
It is World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. Children will be looking up various books throughout the day and we look forward to continue promoting a love of reading. We encourage your children to dress up as their favorite book character if they like. A simple gruffalo cap would be great.

Comic Relief 
Red nose day is back on Friday, 13th March. Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK, with a vision of a just world, free from poverty. We intend for the children to do a bake off and the bake sale in the evening starts at 6pm. The money collected would be donated through to

Mothers Day
It is Mother’s day on Sunday, 15th March. The children would be making cards for their mom’s the week before. We would be talking about what mothers do for us and how important they are. So don’t be surprised if your little one is especially thankful for you.

St Patrick’s Day
St Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday, 17th March. We would be doing craft and painting activities and making shamrocks. Don’t be surprised to see your young one with a leprechaun hat.

Term assessments
We will like to meet with you and walk through the term assessments for your children on Friday, 27th March at 6pm. We shall give out specific time slots during the month running up to the date.

Winter clothes
We are collecting clothes that you can donate to be sent to EllenorLions Hospices. We welcome you to bring in any clothes you would like to donate to the setting and drop them in the box at the entrance by Scotty (our robot).

Request you to please drive considerately at the setting. Please do not park across driveways, in turning circles or blocking other cars. Please maintain a speed limit of 5 miles per hour at the setting. Please be mindful of parents, children, and visitors who use the same drive to walk.

Please note that you can add observations on your little one online on babydays. Any interesting outcome, talk, task he / she has done and achieved will be a valuable contribution to his/her learning journey. Please add it on baby’s days.