February’2015 Newsletter

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Dear Parents and Carers,

January was a great start to the new year for us. We put in place a brand new menu and included suggestions from you. Thank you for all your suggestions on food your children eat at home. We had a lot of success on children eating more that they previously did and we are delighted about it. We even had some fussy eaters try the broccoli and carrots as part of our kiddi kabobs. We have signed up for the ‘Early Years Code of Practice for Food & Drink’  of Eat Better Start Better Children’s Food Trust Campaign (http://www.childrensfoodtrust.org.uk/pre-school/resources/ebsb-practical-tools). We make our meal times great opportunities for children to participate, make choices, and be responsible by helping tidy up after meals. Please continue to talk to them about their food at home and engage them in putting away their bowls.

We have had wonderful Singing and Signing sessions much thanks to the support of Ms Bernadette Foster from the local Crayford Children Center. She has captivated her audience with her very expressive and engaging sessions on essential signing. Our children are very enthusiastic about signing with singing all the time. We have some essential signs that you can use in your daily conversations with children. This is specially helpful for them until they are fluent talkers.

The month’s theme for February is Dinosaurs. We would be doing painting, puzzles, play dough, crafts, outdoor play and reading about dinosaurs this month. We are also celebrating the Chinese new year (year of the Goat) this year. We are looking forward to having a Chinese lunch on 19th February with spring rolls, dumplings, satay, & noodles.

We sometimes see parents confused if children naps during the day are adequate or required. At gaggle we rely on the children to guide us. We invite the children to take a nap around 1pm, we ask them to wake up at about 2pm. We follow this routine but on some days a child may not want to and they are free to play then. Our research on the subject of sleep shows that mid day naps are very important for children and help them sleep better at night. A child deprived of sleep during the day will become hyperactive, disagreeable and have extremes of behavior. You can refer to the link  http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Childrenssleep/Pages/howmuchsleep.aspx for typical recommended sleep amount for children. Hope this helps, however please let us know if you have any specific requirements and we shall see our best to accommodate.

Thank you for your support in embracing the new online system and feedback on how much you are loving it. We are delighted to have implemented and look forward to using more capabilities that it offers. Please do make sure your child’s information, vaccinations, and authorised persons is updated. The permissions, policies, and contracts are signed off on the system.

Thanking you