January’2015 Newsletter

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Dear Parents / Carers,

Welcome to our newsletter. We will be publishing a newsletter now each month to keep you up to date on what we are doing at gaggle. I would like to thank you for your faith and confidence in us and promise that we would do everything to provide the best care and opportunities for our children.

We had a wonderful christmas theme last term, deco, food, music and stories. In addition, we did our first session of forest school. We went for a walk and picnic at the london wildlife managed breaburn park area next door. We watched birds, splashed in a lot of puddles, made a tower with twigs, collected cones and strange seeds and had a picnic by a bonfire. December was a busy month and we have had quite a few new children settled and started in January.

As we grow at the setting we are keeping the concept of our family together, so each kid is familiar with each of the adults, myself, Maria, and Katie. While as key workers the adults have distributed the children to monitor and plan for their progress in respect of development matters. The key workers are the prime focal point for the communication with the parents. Any information either of the adults receives in respect of a child is funneled to the key worker to note and act upon. The termly assessment of the child would be discussed with you by the key worker who is closely looking out for the development matters of her kids. Currently for most of the parent communication has been myself this is then given across to the staff. The staff are shared all the info and focus requirements and they are accordingly taking care of the children.

Things really are not that complicated our prime focus remains Personal Social Emotional Development – making relationships, managing feelings and self confidence; Physical Development and Communication and Language. While focusiing on these basic areas we provide the kids constant opportunities and encouragement towards mark making (writing), talking (speech), counting, understanding of the world and being creative. We are not just ticking off the EYFS boxes here but truely believe that our sight on these areas helps ensure we are covering the bases for a good foundation for our chidlren.

The theme for January is ‘Transportation’. We would be talking about different kinds of vehicles. We would be doing activities around the theme like origami with making paper planes and paper boats. Talking about the shapes that make up vehicles. Reading books about buses, cars and tractors. Doing puzzles linking to the theme. The kids simply love the trains pasing by the setting – hard to miss and we hope they would make a trip or two on a bus or train at home.

You will see our outside area get a new slide and climbing frame in January. In addition we have planned to have a role play den (small children log house) and a mud kitchen this month.

At last a reminder to please let us know if there is anything you would like us to discuss at circle time with the children. Significant events like arrival of a new sibbling, new pet etc can be on the childrens minds and we can help the children by open ended discussions at circle time.

Thank you