March’2014 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you for registering your interest in gaggle.

We are happy to report progress on our endeavor to bring you gaggle. We are currently offering a child-minding provision at 55, Brampton Road, Bexleyheath DA7 4HF. Please see more details at

As some of you are aware we started out later part of 2013 by proposing to setup a childcare on domestic premises equivalent to nursery offering from my residence at 55, Brampton Road, Bexleyheath. We were unable to secure the planning permission for use of the premises as a nursery. While we were able to satisfy that the premises and offering would meet regulatory requirements on childcare, the anticipated noise and traffic as a result of a nursery lead to a number of objections and concerns. After a disappointing 2013, we are happy to report we have been successful in acquiring an alternative location in Bexley. The Cottage is situated near the Crayford Rail Station with about 1 acre of open space for children to play and explore. This would help us offer forest school teaching and a large space for outdoor play. We plan to relocate to the new premises and offer more childcare spaces by May’2014.

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Take care and don’t forget to have lots of fun with your little ones.



Sheonalli Malhotra
Ofsted registration number: EY474709

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Mobile: +44 (0) 7423274049
Home office: +44 (0)83015679
55, Brampton Road,
United Kingdom